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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New tank car handout

Last fall I posted the handout I had been using for a number of talks about tank car modeling. The document is on Google Drive and I supplied the link in this post: . The handout is described in that post as a “Naperville” handout, which is where it was last used as of that post, but of course its generality goes beyond any single presentation.
     The talk itself, however, has been extensively reworked since then, and so has the handout. The new version of the talk is being presented at Cocoa Beach this week, and the new handout is available on line, again at Google Drive. Here is the link.

The “preview” pages along the left of the Google Drive page reflect the actual pages you will receive if you download the PDF document, which is nine pages.
     I should also mention that one segment of the handout is an abbreviated presentation of the method I use to determine model tank car gallonage. An expanded presentation was written for an earlier post, and it’s possible some viewers may want to visit again—or for the first time. It is at: .
      My talk now includes a section on placards. Prototype and model tank car placards have been described in my blog also, at these links:

     Between the handout and these links, the core information of the tank car clinic are covered, although of course quite a few photos which are shown in the clinic can’t be included here. I don’t have web publication rights for most of them.
Tony Thompson

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