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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My baggage car article in _Prototype Modeler_

In my previous post about SP head-end cars, briefly describing my method of building inter-car diaphragms for these cars (you can read it at this link: ), I referred to a 1984 article I published in the magazine Prototype Modeler. I assumed that this would be accessible on TrainLife ( ), but have now been told that the March-April issue for that year is not on the TrainLife site. I don’t know if that is temporary or permanent.
     Here is the cover of that issue, for those who may remember magazines this way (I know I often do).

     I have taken the liberty to scanning the article in my copy of the magazine, and putting it on Google Drive as a PDF. One advantage of this is that photographs will look better than most of the digital copies on TrainLife. Another, of course, is that you can archive, print or otherwise use the digital version as you like.
     Here is a link to the document on Google Drive:

     This will enable access to the article for those who are interested in the entire piece. The prototype information in it is fragmentary, compared to resources we have today, particularly the volume on head-end cars, Volume 3, from the SPH&TS series, Southern Pacific Passenger Cars. Likewise, the modeling approach itself is obsolete, since better starting points exist, in particular the superb resin kits for these cars from Southern Car & Foundry. Their kit 1002 exactly models the 70-foot car I was attempting to create with the Athearn kitbash. Today we even have accurate SP Dark Olive Green paint for such cars. But the article may contain insights as to methods or approaches which will be of value.
Tony Thompson

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