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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Additions to a small personal post (poetry)

Last month I posted a short personal note about my poetry writing, and provided a link to a Google Drive document, containing a number of published and a few unpublished poems. You can read that post at this link: . I was asked about two missing poems that had been published but weren’t in the Google Drive document. I have now gone back and added those poems. 

Further, I realized upon re-reading that the introductory piece I wrote, appearing on the second page of the document to give some background to the poems, wasn’t very complete, and I have expanded it somewhat.

I was also asked about the ones published in Western Humanities Review, a fairly distinguished journal, still being produced by the University of Utah Press and sponsored by the Department of English. I have scanned those pages as they were originally printed, and added them to the Google Drive document. These changes, and a few minor corrections, mean that I need to offer a new link to the revised document, and that is below.

But first, I want to respond to a reader who asked if I had written any other poems with railroad subjects, like the “Icing Reefers” poem shown in the previous post. The answer is yes. Here is one of them, with a suitable SP photo to illustrate. You can click on the image if the text is too small.

There are others of this kind, a few including illustrative photographs like “Helper,” above. Several of them have been inserted into the expanded Google Drive document. It now contains 27 poems instead of the original version’s 15. On the last page is a bibliographic listing of all the published pieces. Here’s a link to the new PDF:

Anthony Thompson

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