Friday, November 6, 2015

Display train, 2015, conclusion

Previously (at: ), in Part 2 of this series, I described the middle six cars in my display train. In the present post, I conclude describing the train by showing the last third of the consist.
     The first car in this group was a 53-foot, 6-inch flat car, SP 80486. It was shown with a load, which I describe under the photo.

Prototype: SP Class F-70-6 flat car, built by American Car & Foundry, May 1937
Model: Red Caboose RTR car, weathered; load by Duha

     These Duha loads, imported from the Czech Republic for several years now by JWD Premium Products in Maine, are very nice and offer considerable variety. And although a number of them are distinctly European, there are plenty of North American-suitable loads too. You can see them all at  the website, . There are six web pages of these loads! quite a range.
     The next car was another box car, this one a Cotton Belt rebuild. The Cotton Belt rebuilt a great many of its older cars into more modern versions, as seen here. In this era, most of their box cars were painted with black ends. The car is SSW 36532.

Prototype: Rebuilt from 1923–1925 box cars in Cotton Belt shops during 1932–1938
Model: Sunshine resin kit
     The next car was an acid tank car, GATX 24961, an ICC 103A car, in the form of an excellent recent model from Tangent Products. It has an “empty” placard on this side. I have offered further comments on this model in a previous post, at: .

Protoype: Leased to Dow Chemical, acid service, built by General American, 1953
Model: Tangent ready-to-run, lightly weathered, added placard
     Following the Dow tank car was a Pennsylvania X29 box car, a representative of more than 29,000 cars of this one class built by the railroad, PRR 51642.

Prototype: PRR Class X29 box car, built 1924
Model: Red Caboose kit, factory paint & lettering, weathering added
     Following the X29 was a car, DT&I 7152, built as part of the “Shake ’n’ Take” project at the Prototype Rails meeting Cocoa Beach, Florida, in 2010. It was described in a prior post (you can read it at the following link: ).

Prototype AAR GB (mill) gondola, 41 feet, built by Greenville Steel Car Company, 1941
Model: Athearn kitbash, 2010 “Shake ’n’ Take” project, decal lettering
     And finally, the traditional last car, the caboose, was SP steel cupola caboose no. 1205.

Prototype: SP Class C-40-3 caboose, built by Southern Pacific, 1942
Model: modified Balboa brass, added details, painted, decal lettering

     This concludes my description of the display train I exhibited at the SPH&TS meeting in Sacramento earlier this month. I hope the photos and accompanying description are informative and perhaps even offer some ideas for modeling projects.
Tony Thompson

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