Thursday, September 29, 2011

My article in The Dispatcher’s Office

Well, the fine editorial staff at The Dispatcher’s Office magazine has done it again. Pleased as I was that my article appeared in the October 2011 issue of the magazine (pages 28-31), it is even more screwed up than the previous article of mine that they printed. The last time around, I posted a PDF version of the correct article (see it at:
     Now it’s obviously time to repeat the exercise. (If you’re wondering why I keep slamming my head against this particular wall, be assured that I can’t figure it out either.) So here is a link to Google Docs for those interested in reading what I actually wrote, and the graphics that I actually supplied.

This will provide all the parts of the article, including those omitted in the editorial process (mistakenly or otherwise), has captions to the photos, shows the waybills in the correct color, and contains all the references at the end of the article, as originally provided.
     I have the greatest respect for OpSIG in general and for The Dispatcher’s Office magazine in particular, but obviously they have not served this particular author very well. Whether I will ever submit anything to them in the future remains to be seen.
Tony Thompson

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