Sunday, November 10, 2019

A new video of my layout

Last August, the good folks from TSG Media, John Abatecola and his wife Cydney, visited my layout and shot a few hours of video, along with narration from me, and of course activities on the layout. This is part of their “Layout Tours” series, so it was my job to decide how I wanted to present the layout. I decided to treat it like an overview of an operating session, explaining some of the things I like to accomplish in a session.
     I included a few words about how cars are moved in a session, and showed some trains, particularly, of course, the branchline local that does the work at Ballard and Santa Rosalia. I also tried to convey the complexity of the job at Shumala, with a mainline junction present. But most important to me was that I was given the chance to explain why my layout is the way it is, and what my goals were in building it.
     I provide below a link to the YouTube version of this video. It has a couple of short ads scattered through it, which you can skip after a few seconds if you want (there is a “skip ad” button at lower right of the screen). I enjoyed watching it, and was particularly impressed to see the editing skill to boil down at least three hours of video into what you see (in a few segments, the switching was speeded up so you don’t watch the slow, repetitious bits).

     It was fun to plan how I wanted to show off different aspects of the layout, how best to explain my goals, and how I went about creating an operating scheme for the layout. And it was also fun to work with John and Cydney to create all the video that was recorded. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.
Tony Thompson


  1. Terrific video, Tony. I wished I had been able to see it before I operated on your layout last year. Perhaps I will get a 2nd chance at ProRail.

    " ... fly-by-night outfit ..." Pleezeeeeeee......

    Lou Adler

  2. I've been following your blog since the start and this put your layout into perfect view. Maybe one day I will get to operate on it, I won't mess up Prorail...(lol)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the video, Jeff, and if you send me a private email I can add you to the list of operator invites. It can't be too far; Denny Anspach from Sacramento has attended, as has Jeff Aley from Folsom.
      Tony Thompson

  3. This really did well to help me get an idea of the 'feel' of the layout! Thanks for sharing it.