Monday, June 19, 2023

Operating session videos of my layout

 I was asked recently if any video is available that shows my layout. The answer is certainly yes, with altogether three videos that I know of. I should be quick to add that I wasn’t participating in making one of these while it was being made, though I was in the room. 

All three of the videos depict, or are intended to illustrate, what happens in actual operating sessions on my layout, and the third one was made during such a session. 

Best known, and properly so, is the TSG Multimedia video, that was shot professionally in the fall of 2019. This is the most thorough and complete and certainly most polished of the videos. If you’d like to watch it, here’s a link:  .

The TSG Multimedia video has had almost 46,000 views and attracted 64 comments.

Two other videos of the layout were made by Adam Palmer. One of them, part of a school project in which he made videos of a number of layouts, was filmed and narrated from a script he had written. This one is generally quite well done, though I didn’t always feel his narration was what I would have said myself. 

That video was made in May of 2018, and I wrote a blog post about it, which is at: . This video has had over 29,000 views and some nice comments. To watch that video, go to: . Here’s its “cover shot,” a view across the turntable and engine terminal at Shumala.

In addition, Adam filmed a second video during a live operating session. It accordingly is in places disjointed and the background conversation somewhat distracting and usually not entirely audible. But it has the advantage that it’s a real session. That session took place on June 24, 2021, with Adam, Jim Providenza, Lisa Gorrell, and Richard Brennan. Here’s a link: .

As it happened, the opening shot for that video was also at Shumala, this time showing the town switcher at work sorting cars.  In this view, there’s a steam locomotive on the outbound engine track, probably the power for the branchline train being made up by the switcher.

The two operating sessions on that weekend in June 2021 were the topic of a blog post I wrote soon afterward. If that’s of interest, here’s a link: .

I know many people feel that they get a far better idea of a layout from videos, rather than close-up photos or landscape scenes. That is certainly true of the high-quality TSG Multimedia video, the first one linked in the second paragraph at the top of this post, and may extend to the others. If so, I hope you enjoy seeing how my layout is operated. 

Tony Thompson

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