Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cocoa Beach 2017

 Last week the 16th annual Prototype Rails meeting was held at Cocoa Beach, Florida, in the same Hilton Hotel we have used every year, and once again under the able direction of Mike Brock, Jeff Aley, Marty Megregian, Scott Dam, and a crew of volunteers. I always enjoy this meeting and look forward to it every year.
     As always the model displays were a lot of fun and endlessly interesting and informative. I will show here just a few of the models I photographed. First up is an impressive HO scale model of an SFRD reefer of Class Rr-33, modified from a C&BT Shops kit. The open door reveals crates of produce inside. The fine model is by Ed Martin.

     Another model that caught my eye was one of the old Red Ball depressed-center flat cars, a straightforward kit but in this case beautifully weathered with light rust. It was shown by Steve Priest. (You can click on the image to enlarge it.)

     Also, I should mention the new Rapido model of the Budd RDC cars, particularly the Southern Pacific car, no. 10. Here it is in the original paint. Having picked it up and examined it on all sides, including the underbody, I can tell you this is a beautiful model. Kudos to Rapido!

     I always enjoy those whose modern modeling does include graffiti, as these are so prevalent today. In fact, anyone modeling a time in the last 25 years who does not have freight cars with graffiti can fairly be accused of not being prototypical. This one I thought was really fun, and the prototype photo is right in front of it.

      Most modelers who bring things “in progress” also provide a brief description of what they are doing. This model by Bill Welch (who styled himself “The Reluctant Weatherer”) is a good example. I was especially interested in this particular kitbash because I want to make some of the SP gondolas of Class G-50-20 by a similar method.

      Once again, as in the past, this was a great meeting and I really had fun. I should perhaps mention also that I did present a clinic at the meeting, on “Wine Tank Cars,” and that of course was the reason for the prior post in this blog (you can read it at: http://modelingthesp.blogspot.com/2017/01/handout-for-wine-tank-cars.html ). I am sure I will plan to continue making the long plane flight to and from Florida in future years to enjoy this meeting.
Tony Thompson

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