Monday, October 24, 2011

Weathering clinic handout

At the just-concluded Lisle meeting, Richard Hendrickson and I did a joint clinic on weathering of freight cars. I talked for 30 minutes about my acrylic washes and related methods, and Richard spoke for the same time span about mostly airbrushing, but with added comments about his use of pencils, washes and chalks. I will probably post some of the content of my part of this presentation on this blog, but the immediate point is that we ran out of handouts, so I will post it here.
     This handout is only intended to provide a brief summary of some materials and methods, obviously not a complete description, but it does provide a “takeaway” for those who saw the talk. We will also be doing it at Cocoa Beach in January, or so I understand, so there will be another chance to see it for those interested.
     Here is the link to the document:

     I will also post some comments about the rest of the Lisle meeting in the near future.
Tony Thompson

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