Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part Two of my column in Model Railroad Hobbyist

In a previous post, I called attention to Part One of a two-part column I wrote for Model Railroad Hobbyist (MRH), the on-line magazine. View that post at: . Part One is about prototype PFE operations.
     The second part has now been published in the October issue of the magazine. You can download it for free at this site:

     Part Two is about modeling the PFE car fleet, with examples of a few of my own models. Some of them have been described as projects in this blog while they were being built or modified; others have not appeared in the blog.
     These two MRH column segments are a written summary of some of what is in my clinic presentation on “PFE Operations,” which has been presented in several versions in recent years, each time emphasizing a different aspect or different region of the country. The summary handout (without the various specialized parts) has also been cited in a recent blog post. You can obtain it at: , which contains a link to the downloadable PDF document on Google Drive.
     As I have said before, practically all this information about PFE is in the PFE book (Pacific Fruit Express, 2nd edition, by A.W. Thompson, R.J. Church, and B.H. Jones, Signature Press, 2000), but that information is scattered throughout and not readily collected by a reader. The book, after all, was not written with modeling in mind, and so the book does not have a summary of operating patterns which is separated out from the general text. But the outline found in my handout, and the written text in my two-part MRH column, do provide the meat of that story.
Tony Thompson

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