Sunday, January 8, 2023

Storage tanks, Part 2

 In the previous post, I mentioned a Walthers “Modulars” set of various storage tanks, and showed all of them assembled. I also showed two of them in the locations I chose for them on the layout. That post can be found here:

The other tanks now have also been placed around the layout, and I’d like to show those locations, not for any intrinsic importance but to illustrate the kinds of needs for tanks that a layout may have. Shown below is the larger of the two horizontal tanks, placed among many other tanks at my chemical processing industry, Pacific Chemical Repackaging.

You will notice the chain link fence in the photo. This was made from a product  of Bernie Kempinski’s company, Alkem Scale Models,  that I have shown before (see that post at: ). I decided I needed to have some fencing around this company that handles chemicals, and am still working to complete the circumference of the property.

The smaller of the two horizontal tanks was added to the variety of tanks already in place at my Associated Oil Company facility in Shumala. Many photos of bulk oil dealers show a wide variety of tank shapes and sizes, so I thought this location would be appropriate. 

It stands next to a small vertical tank, the top of which is just visible. The dealership itself was described in my column for the March 2014 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist; see: .

I showed the larger vertical tank in the previous post (see link in first paragraph, above), used for diesel fuel at the Shumala engine terminal, and have placed the second tank, the smaller of the two, at the Union Brass foundry in Ballard. The foundry is built from a Classic Miniatures kit.

Finally, the larger of the two tanks on pedestal supports was painted blue and added to the tank farm at Pacific Chemical Repackaging, where a variety of tank colors have been added, something practiced by some chemical companies. It’s shown below. Actually, I find this dark blue a little too prominent, and will weather it with some light gray to soften and lighten the color. By the way, the long background structure at photo center was a kitbash reported earlier: .

Adding these tanks has improved every one of these sites, in my opinion, and I am trying to decide if I need to add any more tanks at my various industries. I have a nagging feeling that yes, I will, but that’s for later posts if it happens.

Tony Thompson

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