Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wine as an industrial commodity: update

In the previous post on this topic, I mentioned one of the X2011 NMRA convention cars, which was a California Dispatch Line wine car. The model is the Walthers production version of the Proto2000 insulated AC&F Type 21 tank car, in ready-to-run form. It is now available at the convention’s on-line store. Here is the link for those interested: http://www.x2011west.org/cart/ . A photo of the car may be useful, so here is a view of the unweathered car, just as it comes.

     I also received a request to show a photo of the old Laconia model of a Chateau Martin car. Mine needs some upgrading of details (particularly car corners), as the car was assembled by its previous owner, but here it is in its present condition. The car color at least is clearly shown.

     Modeling wine traffic can be an interesting addition to a layout, even if you model a location far from any California vineyards. The wine can be passing through on the way to somewhere else, or it can be delivered to a local wholesaler for bottling.
Tony Thompson


  1. Hey Tony,
    I went to the X2011 website to order the wine car but when I go to check out, it displays a message that reads "Untrusted Connection" probably caused by an expired security certificate.

    Do you thinks it's safe to continue and override my browser or is there an alternative?


  2. George, I contacted the X2011 co-webmaster and here is his reply:

    >>It's safe. This is a problem with a mismatch between the certificate on the site (the host provider's issue, not some X2011 controls) and certain recent browser updates.
    We didnt expect to be using the store more than 6 months past the end of the convention.<<

    Tony Thompson

  3. Hello Tony,
    That Laconia model looks to have a round roof - that can't be right? The prototype photo you have in another post looks like a typical reefer, none of which have round roofs, afaik...
    Also, Tangent Scale Models has just announced a very detailed 3-dome 6000-gal tank car, In their listing of uses, all kinds of chemical and other industrial ladings are mentioned, but not wine. Would this be a correct type of car for wine service?
    Gerhard Klose

  4. Yes, the Laconia model does have a round roof. Many Chateau Martin cars were former milk cars, others were former express refrigerators, and those did have round roofs in some cases. You are right, though, that freight reefers rarely had round roofs.

    On the Tangent car, a beautiful model, it certainly could have carried wine, but as an uninsulated car, it would be even harder on the wine that shipping in an insulated car. I would say it is an unlikely car for wine service.
    Tony Thompson