Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Handout for Waybills talk

I have usually distributed paper handouts at talks, but a multi-page handout gets a bit expensive to reproduce and bulky to transport. It may also run out if I haven’t correctly predicted the audience, and in some cases people who weren’t able to attend the talk in person would like a copy. For all these reasons, it seems to me that what might be called a “back-up copy” on the Internet is a sensible idea.
     For my current waybill talk, I have made a PDF version of my usual handout, and have placed it on Google Docs, where you are free to download it if you like. Here is the link:

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz_ctrHrDz4wcjJObUFxVG0xTzA/edit .

     The handout document contains a brief text summary of several points which are made in the talk, has a summary Car Service Rules page, and a few examples of my current waybills, along with a fairly complete bibliography. It also offers copies of two prototype waybills, one of which is the Illinois Central one with all the stamps and handwriting on it.
     It is worth mentioning that all the material in this handout has been discussed in a series of posts to this blog, so regular readers will find nothing new. But it does collect the core topics of the oral talk in one place. Hopefully this is an added convenience for some readers.
Tony Thompson

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