Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Waybills, Part 27: collected posts

I have been interested in waybills for model railroad operation for some time, beginning with my introductory article in Railroad Model Craftsman in December of 2009. I have also written a couple of articles on model waybills for the OpSig magazine, The Dispatcher’s Office, and one for the on-line magazine Model Railroad Hobbyist, in the issue for May 2012. I have also been posting a number of comments on the topic, and extensions of those published pieces, in this blog. If you were to want to find all the posts with “Waybills” among their keywords, use the search window at the upper right of the blog page. That way, you can find other posts which touch on waybill issues but are not part of this thread of numbered posts specifically entitled Waybills. For example, my post about refrigerator car service terminology (at: ) would be found this way.
     Last year, Mike White in Maryland collected together all my waybill posts through July 2012 in the form of a PDF document. He properly included several posts without “Waybill” in the title, but which did touch on waybill topics within the post. For many people, his PDF may be a convenient introduction to my discussions on the subject, so I am placing it on Google Drive. Here is the link:

Mike’s collection runs through July of 2012, and it contains posts (numbered as higher as Waybills-26), dated as late as July 5, 2012.
     I hope this document of Mike’s is helpful. It can be downloaded and printed, for those who prefer that kind of reference material; Mike included all illustrations, so the collection is complete for everything up to July 5, 2012. I may collect a group of later waybill posts into a similar document at some future date, but for now I wanted to keep together what Mike had done.
Tony Thompson

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