Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A summary of my acrylic weathering method

I have had a couple of readers contact me and ask if there might be a way to make available an integrated or overview document, describing my method of weathering with acrylic washes, other than having to search through and read serially all the separate posts I have published on this topic. I thought this was a good suggestion, so I explored how to do that.
     It turns out that Google’s Blogger application has a feature permitting “permanent” reference pages to be appended to a blog. I have taken advantage of that, and have pulled all the 10 separate posts making up my presentation into two documents, one on the basic method, and the other on specific car types and other details. Essentially nothing is omitted from the original posts, except repetitive or duplicative material, along with the now-redundant links to individual posts in the series.
     You will now find these pages available under “Reference pages” in the upper right corner of the blog page, and either document can be accessed by simply clicking on its title. The two documents have these titles:

Weathering with acrylic washes: basic technique
Weathering with acrylic washes: specific car types

These correspond to blog posts in the series, as follows. The first document is drawn from posts 1 through 4, and the second is from posts 5 through 10. Both documents can of course be downloaded, printed, or otherwise used as desired by the reader.
     For completeness, it seemed appropriate to include in the first document the handout Richard Hendrickson and I developed when we first presented our joint clinic on weathering. That has been done, and it is also shown below, for those who may not have seen it. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

I hope these two “Reference page” documents are helpful to those interested in the acrylic wash method of weathering.
Tony Thompson


  1. Tony:

    Thank you for sharing your acrylic weathering techniques for rolling stock. I thought it was an excellent series with lots of great information which I am planning to use. I also appreciate your organizing this information into one easily to find location on your blog.

    Do you use the same techniques with locomotives?

    John Gibson

  2. You're welcome, John. Yes, I do use the same approach with locomotives, and find it especially effective with steam. I also usually use it on passenger cars.
    Tony Thompson