Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Building Guadalupe Fruit, an update to Part 5

In the previous post, Part 5 of the series, I showed my design and construction of the parapet to complete the main structure for Guadalupe Fruit. (You can read that post at: http://modelingthesp.blogspot.com/2017/04/building-guadalupe-fruit-part-5.html .) In the present post, I complete application of the parapet parts to this packing house.
     The parapet parts shown in the previous post were painted with Testor’s “Flat Aircraft Dark Gray,” their no. 1226, the same as doors, window frames, and all trim on the building. I had tried to make sure all four parapet segments were correct length to fit together properly, but (wisely, it turned out) did make most of them overlong. That allowed me to make final adjustments as each segment was glued to the structure. I should add that my idea to have an overlapping trim strip (the 1 x 10 piece), to provide more gluing surface than just a butt joint atop the building wall, really worked. The styrene cement securely attached each segment to the top of the wall.
     When completed, the parapet made quite a difference in the appearance of the building, at least to my eye. I show below the photo from the previous post, Part 5, of the building with no parapet.

     The following photo shows the building as completed with the parapet. Probably any architect would think the difference obvious and to be expected, but I was happily surprised to see how well the addition of the parapet completed the look of the structure.

     There are more things to do with this building, primarily roof details, as I mentioned in the previous post. But I am really pleased with the parapet addition, something I had long planned yet had long postponed, because I was not certain my planned construction method would work (it did) or that it would make much difference in the looks of the building (it definitely did). I guess that’s yet another indication that we all need to go ahead and try an idea, not agaonize over whether it will work exactly as desired. This one has certainly turned out for me.
Tony Thompson

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