Thursday, June 23, 2022

BAPM 2022, Part 2

 The long-running Bay Area Prototype Modelers meet (BAPM), naturally on hiatus during the pandemic,  finally returned this year, and took place on June 18. In my previous post, I  showed a number of models I had enjoyed examining, and in the present post, will show some more. (See the previous post at: ).

I will begin with Scott Kelley-Clement, who brought some spectacular renditions of freight car graffiti. His approach is to work from prototype photographs, and hand-paint the graffiti, while at the same time using decal tags and various weathering methods. Though tempted to show a whole bunch of his fine models, I will just show one to convey what I mean. Here’s the prototype (photo source, date, or location not given):

And here is the model. Speaking as one who has tried to accomplish some of what Scott showed, I am quite impressed.

Another model I like was an N scale model shown by Doug Nelson (needless to say, seeing his presentation, a Pennsy modeler). This is the same Mesta Machine Co. crosshead I have modeled myself in HO scale, a product of Multiscale Digital LLC (see my post at: ), but Doug, realizing he didn’t have a 200-ton flat car that could carry this monster casting, instead used the Z-scale version of the casting! Clever, realistic, and it looks good!

Another interesting group of models was brought by Tom Bacarella. I especially like this one, BREX 76058, a nicely finished plug-door reefer.

Finally, for this report, I will show Charlie Joslin’s Southern Pacific fire (water) car —  actually with NWP reporting marks — and very well rusted. This looks like an Albrae Models car, but the work done to create the heavy rust is very nice.

In conclusion, I’ll repeat my comment: it was really great to see over 100 participants, many of them old friends, and I can only say, welcome back, BAPM.

Tony Thompson

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