Friday, December 18, 2015

Waybill posts collected

After the first two years of my posting to this blog about waybill topics, including a description of model waybills and how I make and use them, Mike White contacted me to ask if he could collect the entire set into a single PDF for convenience of those who might like to have everything in one piece. The only changes Mike wanted to make was to eliminate some minor overlaps among posts. I was happy for him to do so, and that PDF of Mike’s went onto Google Drive on February 22, 2013. It represented the first 26 posts in a series each labeled as a “Waybill Part” as well as a couple of posts about operation. Altogether, it totals 73 pages. That PDF is still available under the name Waybill Collection on Google Drive or through this post: .
     But since that time, almost three years ago, I have continued to post about waybill topics and related model operation topics. Mike has been observing that fact, and recently contacted me for permission to once again collect all those waybill posts, not only the first 26 but a number of more recent ones, up to Waybills, Part 45 posted just last week, and also a few operating-topic posts related to waybills. Again, I readily consented, and the resulting PDF, more complete and extensive than the first one, is now available to anyone for viewing, downloading or printing, at the following link to Google Drive:

     Small note of caution, should you wish to download: the file is fairly large, now 126 pages, and about 9 MB, and accordingly may strain some people’s computer system. But you can certainly read it at Google Drive without downloading, if you wish. And any particular post within the PDF can be viewed in the usual way here among the blog site collection, simply by searching the blog (using the search box at the top right of this page), under the search term of the particular post name.
     The other option would be to download only the posts since Part 26 (where that first PDF ended), in other words, just download the added posts since the original Collection. A PDF of just those posts, starting with Part 27, is about 4.4 MB and is also available on Google Drive, at this link:

In that connection, the original PDF of the first 26 waybill posts, and some allied posts, is still available at this link:

     I can also send any of the three files directly to anyone wishing to receive them, via Hightail or Dropbox or other file sharing application if you wish. Contact me directly if you prefer that option.
     All in all, I think Mike has done the community a service in collecting the posts this way, and I thank him for the effort. I hope some of you will find it useful.
Tony Thompson

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  1. Thank you both Tony and Mike! This is great to have the updated collection.