Friday, January 8, 2016

Southern Pacific diesel chronology

A few years ago I posted some comments about modeling SP’s diesel chronology, so I could accurately depict my modeling year of 1953 (see: ). In that post, I alluded to an article I published some years past in the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society magazine, Trainline, in issue 29 (the magazine was not dated in those days, but I believe that issue came out in 1992), pages 18–23. The printed back issue is still available for sale (to buy it, visit: ), but I decided the article needed more visibility.
     I have scanned all six pages, and made a PDF document, then put it onto Google Drive. If you would like to see it (or download, if you wish), here is the link:

     This article gives delivery dates, to the month, of all diesels acquired by Southern Pacific’s Pacific Lines up to 1956, and also contains some representative photos. A bibliography documents the sources of all information. I hope this is helpful to modelers of the transition era on the SP.
Tony Thompson

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