Thursday, April 18, 2013

Handout for “SP Freight Cars You Can Model”

The title of this post is that of a clinic I’ve been giving for  several years, both at NMRA conventions and at other meets, such as a convention of the SP Historical & Technical Society, and the Naperville and Cocoa Beach Railroad Prototype Modelers’ meets.
     The idea behind the clinic is that there are many important classes of SP freight cars which are now readily modeled in HO scale. Some are styrene or brass models which are correct or close to correct right out of the box; some are resin or styrene kits which can be built to be correct; and some require a little kitbashing. And there are even a few classes which can’t be modeled at present with real accuracy, but a reasonable stand-in can be created.
     I’m posting a revised version of the handout for this clinic via Google Drive. This gives the outline of the presentation, lists the car classes shown in the clinic, and supplies a listing and description of the “Body Styles” of SP steel box and automobile cars, along with some web and print resources for further study. Here is the link:

Some of the cars listed on the second page of the handout have already been touched on in this blog, and some more may be described in later posts.
     I posted an earlier version of the description of this handout and the link to it (see: ) but I have since updated the handout document.
Tony Thompson


  1. AMB has both the slanted and straight cupola C-30-1 caboose models

  2. Thank you. The listing is not intended to be exhaustive, and in fact there are quite a few omissions. I just tried to give a representative list, and your comment shows one pitfall of doing so--I might appear to be deliberately leaving out some products. Note that I cited in the "references" the David Coscia website, which lists most correct kits for SP.
    Tony Thompson