Sunday, August 23, 2015

Handout for oil dealership clinic

This handout post was prepared for a clinic I have presented, starting in 2015, entitled “Building a Realistic Bulk Oil Dealership.” There really need be no formal handout, but a few factual parts of the clinic may be worth having in written form.
     Three oil companies are represented, Associated Oil, Union Oil Company, and Standard Oil of California.
     The core of the construction of the Associated Oil Company dealership was described in my Model Railroad Hobbyist article, cited below in the list of publications. In that article will be found all specifics of model parts and materials for that project. The Union Oil dealership was expanded in a simple way from the original Chooch kit (no longer in production), and details of that expansion are also being included in separate posts to this blog. My Standard of California “minimalist” dealership primarily used duckboards to create its presence; there is a separate blog post for modeling duckboards, and it is at this link:
     I mentioned several published items in the talk. Here is a list.

•  Jeff Wilson, The Model Railroader’s Guide to Industries Along the Tracks, Kalmbach Publishing, 2004. (Also available as a Barnes & Noble e-book in NOOK format)
•  Robert Schleicher, “Standard Oil Co. Depot at Waterford, California,” Railmodel Journal, April 1996, pp. 14–22.

•  Olaf Melhouse, “Modeling the Oil Industry: Texaco Bulk Oil Depot at Devils Lake, N.D.,”   Railmodel Journal, December 1994, pages 12–18. 

•  Gerald T. White, Formative Years in the Far West [history of California oil companies prior to 1919], Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, 1962.

•  Frank J. Taylor and Earl M. Welty, Black Bonanza, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1950 (reissued with revisions in 1956 and 1958).

•  Earl M. Welty and Frank J. Taylor, The 76 Bonanza, Lane Book Company, Menlo Park, CA 1966 (1976 revised edition by Niven and Waddell entitled Sign of the 76). 

•  Anthony Thompson, “Modeling a bulk oil dealer,” Model Railroad Hobbyist, March 2014. (You can download this any time from )

•  Anthony Thompson, “Associated Oil Company—background,” blog post, at this link: 
•  Several subsidiary topics in this clinic have been explored in more detail in my blog, most easily found by the search box at top right. For future reference in reaching this blog, I recommend Googling “modeling the SP,” then using the search box. 

     As always, I will be happy to answer questions, either directly to me outside the blog, or directly as comments and responses on the blog itself.
Tony Thompson  


  1. Good stuff as always Tony. Do yo by any chance have any photos of the "Mission Style" Chevron stations that were used in CA in the 50s? Thanks.

  2. No, I don't. I would love to have some good photos. I have found some very good Union 76 station photos and will be modeling one.
    Tony Thompson

    1. well, if I ever find some I'll share them with you. Jim


      Look about a third of the way down the page on the above link, shows a Standard Oil (of California?) station in what appears to be mission style.