Monday, August 8, 2016

SP tank car decals are back

There has been extensive writing by me and others about SP tank cars and their modeling. For years, one issue has been decals, because there were none of correct size characters, let alone correct content, in HO scale to do these tank cars. Accordingly, I created artwork to do so, with the intention to include the ability to model both black cars with white lettering, yellow gasoline cars and silver diesel fuel tank cars with black lettering, and even the “aluminum end stripe” diesel fuel cars, which required both black and white lettering.
     Just to illustrate, the photo below shows several SP tank car paint schemes, with the aluminum end-stripe example in the foreground. You can see why both black and white lettering are needed in different parts of the car. This model was lettered with decals from my artwork.

Incidentally, back in 2011 I posted a description of how to model these kinds of SP tank cars from the Athearn kit in HO scale, which can be found at: .
     One of my prior posts described that original SP tank car artwork I did for HO scale decals, which were then offered for sale by Jerry Glow as part of his large decal line (see that post at: ).
     Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, Jerry went out of business, leaving the SP tank car decals in limbo. But now there is news. The Jerry Glow line of decals was sold, I understand in its entirety, to Tichy Train Group. They have now released quite a few of the former Glow decals, including my tank car sets. They are Tichy decal nos. 10052 (black lettering) and 10053 (white lettering), and an example can be seen here:

Here is the listing in Tichy’s language:
>>Here are the new decals. All decals are available in all scales and in 6 packs. Numbers below are HO, add N for N scale, S for S scale and O for O scale. Other scales, send an email request. Single decals are: HO $4, N $4, S $5, O $6. All are in stock.



     As a further advantage, Tichy will be offering these decals in other scales as well (N, S and O in addition to HO), as you can see in the above announcement,
     I am delighted to have these decals available once again, and am also delighted that other scales can now benefit from this artwork.
Tony Thompson

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