Saturday, November 5, 2022

Waybills, Part 100: a guide

 I thought that for this post, I would try and collect some information about what sub-topics I had posted about, within the broad subject of waybills. You will see examples below. I hope that this post will help direct you to the specific things you want to read about. 

For example, I have written a number of posts about prototype waybills: how they were prepared, how they were used, and what was done with them. To me, that’s an entirely separate topic from the design of model waybills for layout operation, or the ways that we use them in model operating sessions.

So here goes, listed chronologically by “Part” number, as in the title of the present blog, within each section below. To use the search box at upper right, a good search term is “Waybills, Part XX,” where “XX” is the part number you want. But obviously having around 100 entries below means that even this summary is a cumbersome guide. At least here you have them listed under categories.

Summary or multiple-post links:

Prototype waybills, content: 

Prototype waybills, handling:

Specific kinds of prototype waybills:

Model waybills: design for my layout 

Model waybills, design for the use of others:

Model waybills, preparing and handling:

Model waybills, use in operating:

So there they are, over 100 posts on the broad set of topics I’ve called “waybills.” I hope this listing is of some value as you seek information on these topics. And I am sure there will be more posts in the series, as time goes by.

Tony Thompson


  1. This should be a very useful post . . . thank you! I'm sure considerable effort was taken to compile this guide. The only thing left is to assemble all of this information into a nice book . . . okay, but I just had to suggest it. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jack. Actually,, some thought has been given to a book - - but I sit down until the impulse passes (grin). Maybe someday.
      Tony Thompson

    2. "Maybe someday." Tony, we ain't gettin' any younger (running and ducking for cover! :-)